The riddle ‘Sarah and Sam saw seven sharks’ is leaving many people confused. Here’s the answer explained.

The lockdown period has forced many people to spend more time at home, leading to a lot of free time, especially during the weekend.

While the weekend has always been a good chance to catch up with family and friends, go out or visit new places, lately many have been glued to their sofas, watching episode after episode on Netflix.

Others, however, have turned to the help of riddles, puzzles and quizzes to keep themselves busy and entertained.

One of the most recent ones to resurface back on social media is ‘Sarah and Sam saw seven sharks’. So, here’s the answer to the riddle.

Person and sharks, Jacob Owens on Unsplash

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Riddle: ‘Sarah and Sam saw seven sharks’

This riddle asks the following:

  • Sarah and Sam saw seven sharks. How many ‘S’ are in the sentence?

Did you get it after only one read? If not, don’t worry, as we’ve got the answer explained down below.

Answer: ‘Sarah and Sam saw seven sharks’

  • The answer is 1.

The question asks you how many ‘S’ are in the sentence, so while you may look to find all the letters ‘S’ in the whole riddle – you only need to focus on finding the ‘S’ in the actual word ‘sentence’.

Some have come up with the answer 7 as they counted all the letters ‘S’ in the riddle.

People argue about the riddle

Similar to many riddles, this one has also opened a window for a hot debate on social media.

Some people argue that the riddle asks you for a capitalised ‘S’ in the sentence and therefore there are none.

This is actually true in a way as the riddle is misleading as the ‘s’ in the riddle is written with an upper case letter.

And since that part is confusing, some have come up with the answer 2 as they counted the capitalised ‘S’ in Sarah and Sam’s names.

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