Weighing in on Black Lives Matter, comedian Jonathan Pie has recently unveiled a video addressing his views on the current political climate.

Right now, we are witnessing mass protest against racism in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death.

America mourned and since then the reaction to this injustice has spanned the globe, with many also taking to UK streets to protest against racism and police brutality.

The gatherings of people have proven divisive, with many arguing that it’s irresponsible in a time of pandemic while others have asserted that racism is a disease far more important in helping to eradicate.

Thanks to social media, everybody can voice their opinion on current affairs. However, it’s the views of celebrities which demand the most attention; the bigger the following, the bigger the reaction.

One of the latest to commentate on the protesting and so forth is English comedian Tom Walker, widely known as the fictional character Jonathan Pie…

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Black Lives Matter: Jonathan Pie weighs in

In a recent video – simply titled ‘Black Lives Matter’ from Jonathan Pie, the comedian weighs in his perspective on current affairs.

Instantly, he goes in on Donald Trump’s hypocritical view of what he considers a “peaceful protest”, while addressing the president’s “it’s a great day for George” comment.

He argues: “No it isn’t a great day for George mr. president, he’s f***ing dead.”

However, it’s his subsequent comments which have served as the main takeaway from the video:

“I was disgusted and appalled… but it’s not a competition. Black Lives Matter is not a competition to see who can be the most affected by the issues surrounding black people. It’s not about who’s the most woke, it’s not about white people demonstrating their bravery by having a good cry about their white privilege because doing that makes it about you. It’s not about you, or me and it’s also not about going on Twitter and bullying comedians into apologising for tasteless jokes that haven’t aged well…”

You can watch the full video below:

Twitter weighs in on Jonathan Pie

Inevitably, a number of people on Twitter have watched the video and tweeted out their own thoughts on what Jonathan said.

In fact, other videos that he’s tweeted out have gone viral on the social media site which have divided too, where he weighs in on PC culture in general.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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