A week ago Chester Zoo sent out a plea for help following financial difficulties over the last few months.

Many businesses remained closed during the lockdown period, leading to financial losses and an uncertain future.

Chester Zoo was hit hard by the pandemic crisis which has been a vital environment for endangered species since its establishment back in 1931.

But thanks to generous donations from the public, the zoo is now planning its gradual reopening and you can support it further by adopting an animal.

Here’s how you can do it.

Chester Zoo

How to adopt an animal at Chester Zoo?

You can adopt an animal directly from Chester Zoo’s website.

Just head to their page ‘Adopt an Animal’ where you will see a range of packages you can choose from.

There are four different adoption packs – junior (£90), bronze (£45), silver (£65) and gold (£90).

Each pack includes a certificate, thank you card and a picture of your adopted animal. The junior and gold packages have two admission tickets, as well as a goodie bag.

Chester Zoo is saved thanks to donations

Thanks to people’s generous donations, Chester Zoo is able to reopen and continue to care for the 35,000 animals under their roof.

The zoo took to Twitter to thank everyone who supported them with donations, memberships and adoptions, saying “your voices have been heard”.

It’s incredible that only a week ago Chester Zoo’s future survival was uncertain, while now the zoo is back on track and will be able to welcome visitors once again.

Chester Zoo: Reopening and tickets

Chester Zoo will open its doors to visitors from Monday, June 15th.

Over the next few days, the zoo will confirm how you can book your visit and buy an admission ticket.

You can follow them on Twitter @chesterzoo where they share regular updates with their followers.

Meanwhile, if you want to support the zoo and make a donation they still have a Just Giving fundraising page.

There are nearly 120,000 supporters who have donated the whopping sum of nearly £2.5 million.

While there are individual donations, many people have set up their own fundraising pages to raise larger sums for the zoo.

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