Spotify users left frustrated at new ‘No Healthy Upstream’ error message when using the streaming platforms Web Player, but is there a fix?

For millions of people around the world, Spotify is how we enjoy our favourite artists.

Unfortunately, when an unexpected error gets in the way of our music, it can be incredibly frustrating.

It appears that Spotify is experiencing some technical difficulties today, with thousands of users being met with an unexpected ‘No Healthy Upstream’ error message when using the streaming service.

No Healthy Upstream error message

At the time of writing, there is not any meaningful information on the Spotify community page as to what the ‘No Healthy Upstream’ actually means.

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However, some users are suggesting that this is related to an access issue as a similar problem occurred back in late-2019.

Is there a fix to ‘No Healthy Upstream’ error?

Currently, there isn’t a known fix for the error message, but the issue seems to be on Spotify’s end – not users.

However, this only seems to be an issue for those users using the site through the Web Player.

So, if you have the option available, move over to the dedicated Spotify app or through third-party applications, like a games console, and it should work fine there.

Is this a temporary issue?

Yes, throughout the morning the Spotify Web Player has been returning to normal and then crashing again.

It doesn’t appear that users can do much to help the issue apart from switching over to the app.

Whilst some users have reported that the issue was resolved after 15-20 minutes, others have said that the same error has been reoccurring every hour or so.

It would help if there was an official statement on the issue from Spotify, so if the problem persists than keep an eye out on their Twitter.

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