Audiences want the 365 Dni ending explained after they’re left with some seriously big questions. Let’s explore this Netflix hit.

Netflix has been an absolute godsend for many over the last few months, keeping the masses topped up with some quality entertainment.

From Tiger King to White Lines, there have been some significant TV hits to surface over the course of the lockdown, but let’s not forget films.

The latest to raise eyebrows is the erotic Polish film 365 days, originally titled 365 Dni.

Directed by Barbara Białowas, it’s actually based on the novel of the same name by Blanka Lipińska. The adaptation sees Anna-Maria Sieklucka tackle the central role of Laura Biel, who is abducted by Don Massimo (Michele Morrone), a mafia boss.

Let’s reflect on the narrative…

365 Days on Netflix

Netflix: 365 Days recap

Whether our protagonist becomes enveloped in a classic case of Stockholm syndrome or has fallen in love is very much up to the audience.

As the narrative progresses, we watch their relationship develop and she begins to accept him despite knowing the nature of his past and his prior actions against her.

When a potential breakthrough in their bond rears its head, he requests that she return home and she begins to impatiently wait for him. During this time, she has a run-in with her ex and refuses to give him another shot.

Upon returning home she finds Massimo and they sleep together after an inevitable conflict. However, it’s revealed that he has been injured while taking care of some mysterious business and we then learn that they’re to be married.

365 Dni ending explained: Is Laura dead?

In the film’s conclusion, we follow Laura as she goes shopping with her friend. However, Mario suspects a rival family is set to kill her, yet he fails to contact her.

It turns out she’s on the phone to Massimo and Mario rushes to him to inform him of the suspected plot. Laura’s car enters a tunnel and we depart with a shot showing a police car outside of the tunnel.

A number of potential outcomes can be determined from this.

The first is that her car never made it out of the tunnel and that she could’ve been killed inside. She was ordered to return home for her own safety and the most likely orchestrator of this plan and the man behind Massimo’s wound is his rival; we learn he killed his father.

On the other hand, it’s far more likely that she didn’t die and was in fact abducted by her partner’s nemesis. Considering the second book of the trilogy follows him on a mission to rescue her from captors, we can’t imagine the sequel’s story deviating from the source material so drastically.

So, we already have things neatly set up for another outing!

Audiences talk 365 Dni on Twitter

Already, fans over on Twitter have expressed their excitement for another instalment.

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