There’s been lots of understandable delays from developers and publishers lately to show solidarity with the black lives matter protests. Warzone Season 4 was postponed as is Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City Wire showcase, and while both of those are anticipated so too is the EA Play June 2020 event. Lots of people have been looking forward to this event thanks to the prospect of a Mass Effect remastered announcement, and here you’ll discover when the event is now scheduled to take place.

Aside from a possible reveal of everyone’s favourite sci-fi trilogy coming to current-gen consoles as a remaster, the EA Play June 2020 showcase will also probably include news about EA Access coming to Steam. There’ll probably also be information about FIFA 21 so that’s something for footie lovers to look forward to.

Below you’ll discover when the event is scheduled to broadcast and what has been shared about a Mass Effect remastered trilogy existing.

When is EA Play 2020?

EA Play 2020 will take place on June 18th at 16:00 PDT and 19:00 EDT.

As for the United Kingdom, EA Play 2020 will take place on June 19th at 00:00 BST.

This could possibly change if circumstances continue to deteriorate as who knows what else 2020 has up her sleeve, but as of now the event is only a couple of weeks away.

Will Mass Effect remastered trilogy be announced?

Lots of people are hoping that a Mass Effect remastered trilogy will be announced at EA Play 2020.

This is because Venture Beat posted an article back on May 5th which says that an unannounced EA HD remaster planned for this fiscal year is the Mass Effect trilogy.

If the report is accurate, then it’s probable that it’ll be revealed during the June 18th showcase. However, know that EA hasn’t confirmed its existence so don’t treat it as a concrete dream come true.

With Venture Beat saying it’s a HD remaster, it’s likely that the trilogy package will simply include improved visuals and all DLC.

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