YouTuber FPSRussia has been speaking about his time in jail recently but why was he sent to prison in the first place?

One of the few benefits of modern social media is that it allows fans to get closer than ever to their idols or favourite celebrities.

This means that there appears to be a deeper connection when something good or bad happens in the lives of said favourite celebrities. 

As a result, when YouTuber FPSRussia was sent to prison earlier in 2019, his fanbase was in uproar. 

But just why was the YouTube star sent to prison in the first place?

Who is FPSRussia?

FPSRussia is a YouTube star who, as of November 26th, 2019, has over 6.7 million subscribers although the channel has not been active since 2016.

Their real name is Kyle Myres but in the videos on the FPSRussia channel, Kyle gets into character as a Russian man called Dimitri, complete with a semi-convincing Russian accent.

Kyle’s videos saw the YouTuber showing off an assortment of guns and other such weapons as well as comparing the weapons in video games and films to their real-life counterparts.  

Why did he go to prison?

While Kyle worked with guns almost non-stop to create content for his YouTube channel, the weapons weren’t the reason why he was sentenced to two months prison in June 2019.

In August 2017, Kyle Myres’ house was raided by police after Myres allegedly received 25 grams of butane hash oil through the mail. Myres was arrested for felony possession of a restricted substance and 50 of his weapons, used for his YouTube videos, were confiscated under federal law that prevents drug users to be in possession of firearms. 

After a long and complex legal battle, Myres was sentenced on June 19th, 2019, to two years probation and two months in prison after he pled guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Butane Honey Oil.

Kyle Myres talks about his time

Kyle Myres has now served his time in jail and has been quick to open up about his experiences on the inside. 

Speaking to the PKA podcast on the YouTube channel WoodysGamertag on October 5th, Myres discussed his time in jail and opened up about how he quickly made allies in prison and had to distance himself from friendly guards after other inmates started to suspect he was a snitch. 

The full four-hour podcast can be found here but in the clip below, Myres reveals how he offered another inmate his radio to gain his trust as well as becoming the work-out partner of a member of a Mexican crime family nicknamed Snow.

Update: Kyle Myres reveals cancer scare

On episode 492 of the PKA podcast on May 23rd, Kyle detailed a recent operation that he’d had on his eye, the scarring from which could be seen in the video.

A week later, however, in episode 493, Kyle revealed to his podcast co-stars that the mole that had been removed from his eye had actually been cancerous and that he would require further surgery on his eye.

Naturally, fans of Kyle Myres and his podcast colleagues were understandably concerned but the former YouTube star was good-humoured and offered up plenty of reassurance that there is nothing to worry about.

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