The first Black Birders Week is taking place this week – here’s the new movement explained.

For the last few days, we’ve seen protests going on around the world in support of the global movement Black Lives Matter.

Following George Floyd’s death, people have demanded social justice for black people, while their protests have also sparked several other issues such as representation and equality.

This week people are celebrating black people in nature with the Black Birders Week movement.

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What is Black Birders Week?

Black Birders Week aims to raise awareness about black representation and diversity in nature and celebrate the work of black birders and nature lovers.

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The movement wants to stop stereotypes about black people in wildlife, science and zookeeping.

The social media campaign has gained popularity across Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #blackinnature, #blackbirdersweek and #birdingwhileblack.

There are nearly 4,000 posts under #blackbirdersweek on Instagram and the trend keeps growing on Twitter as well.

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What initiated the movement?

The movement started after a social media video went viral.

A white woman called the police when a black birdwatcher asked her to put her dog on a leash in the park to protect the nearby wildlife.

Christian Cooper is a wildlife enthusiast who was birdwatching in the park when the incident with Amy Cooper (unrelated) happened.

Following this, a number of black birdwatchers and nature lovers took to social media to share similar experiences they had.

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The movement on social media

Black Birders Week, which kicked off last week on May 31st, also coincides with World Environment Day today on Friday, June 5th.

Today is the last day of Black Birders Week, but people have called out for the movement to become an annual campaign.

Follow the hashtag #blackbirdersweek for online resources about the movement and how you can support black birders across the world.

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