Baki season 3 has only just released on Netflix, but many fans are left bitterly disappointed with how The Great Raitai Tournament Saga concluded, including myself.

Baki has become one of Netflix’s most popular original anime shows thanks to its ridiculous characters and epic fight sequences.

Fans couldn’t wait for the third season, titled ‘The Great Raitai Tournament Saga’, to be released on June 4th.

However, after watching the entire third part of the Baki storyline, many fans have been left bitterly disappointed.

Yanagi’s shock return to the fight…

Ryuukou Yanagi is the first of the five original death row inmates that we see in the finale. After nearly being killed in several of his previous fights, Yanagi is now missing an arm and half his face.

One of the prison guards stupidly starts to antagonise him whilst in his cell but quickly learns of his mistake with all five guards dead seconds later. Unfortunately, we never actually see him defeat any of the guards, nor do we see him actually escape from the prison/mental facility where he is being held.

We can assume that Yanagi is heading back to some of his old foes for potential rematches, but with his injuries does he even stand a chance?

Dorian also shockingly returns, kind of…

Next we see Dorian, who is being held at his old martial arts temple and is apparently a respectable painter. Interestingly, Dorian paints in a very deep squat position, meaning his legs and lower back are now insanely huge. However, that’s where his cameo in the finale ends, with no epic prison escape scene that the story seemed to have been building towards.

It’s becoming a bit boring now…

In an incredibly boring final twist, the same thing happens with Doyle, Sikorsky and Spec. For each inmate, we see an elaborate summary of how they have been spending their time in prison, each with their own new cool skill that has the potential to be a game-changer.

Doyle ruptures his own eardrums, meaning he is now both deaf and blind but can somehow catch bats in the darkness of his cell. Sikorsky now has such ‘pinching power’ that he can sleep on the side of walls and Spec is practising swimming techniques in his sleep and “moving heat through his body.”

All of these are pretty cool backstories for how each of them has spent their time since we last saw them, but there is no reward with knowing these stories. We only know of one of the five actually escaping prison and even that we don’t see on screen. So, I have to ask, what was the point?

A massive let down…

I feel like this entire episode was just a complete filler that shouldn’t have been used as the season finale. The entire story arc of season 2 has been building up to the big showdown between Baki and Yujiro, and the previous episode set it up perfectly!

Yet when it came to the season finale, the story shifted away from the epic battle that we were expecting and instead, showed what is essentially the preview for season 1 again.

Honestly, I would have been happier if the previous episode ‘Completion’ had been the actual season finale. It set up the showdown between the two Hanma’s nicely and brought a fitting conclusion to the Ali Jr. story arc – plus it would have got me hyped for what’s next.

I know that the fourth part of the Baki story will be a continuation of this part – acting together as a tour-cour season, but I am still left disappointed. What’s worse, we don’t have a release date as of yet for season 4, meaning that it could be months before we see a Baki – Yujiro fight sequence. Ugh!

Season 3 of Baki, titled ‘The Great Raitai Tournament Saga’ is available right now on Netflix.

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