Animal Crossing New Horizons is in the month of June and this means there’s a plethora of new fish and bugs for you to catch. While the abundance of sharks infesting your sea is awesome despite the safety hazards for your villagers who want to swim, there’s also less threatening bugs you’ll want to be on the lookout for such as a rainbow stag. Here you’ll discover everything you must about when this beetle will spawn and how you can catch it.

In addition to the arrival of shark season which lets you catch saw, hammerhead, and whale variants as well as the great white beasty from Jaws, the month of June also brings weddings to the game. This provides you with an opportunity to unlock a bunch of unique rewards and items before the month ends.

However, away from sharks to catch and weddings for alpacas, Animal Crossing New Horizons players will also want to know when rainbow stags spawn so they can catch and add this beetle to their museum.

When do rainbow stags spawn in ACNH?

A rainbow stag will only spawn in Animal Crossing New Horizons between the hours of 19:00 and 08:00.

In addition, a rainbow stag will only spawn in the Northern hemisphere of Animal Crossing New Horizons during the following months:

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

How to catch rainbow stag in Animal Crossing

You catch a rainbow stag in Animal Crossing New Horizons by following the below steps:

  • Play Animal Crossing New Horizons during the aforementioned spawn hours
  • Find a beetle on any regular or fruit tree
  • Get your net out from your inventory and slowly approach the beetle
  • Only press A to swing the net when in close vicinity

When you can catch a rainbow stag you’ll receive a message saying that it’s “rainbow armor is so shiny”.

Donate your very first to Blather for the museum and then sell any others for 6,000 bells.  

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