K-Pop fans took over Twitter to show their support to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Massive protests have taken place in the US and across European cities to demand justice and equal human rights following the death of 46-year-old George Floyd.

On Sunday, the Dallas Police Department asked users on Twitter to report on any “illegal activity” from the protests using their iWatch Dallas app.

However, K-Pop fans took over the app with pictures and videos of their favourite bands which caused the temporary breakdown of the app.

So, what is the meaning behind their movement and what does ‘stan’ among K-Pop fans mean?


What does ‘stan’ in K-pop mean?

When the K-Pop audience uses the word ‘stan’ it means that they like a particular artist or a band.

“When K-pop fans say that they stan a group or a member, it only means that they are a big fan of that group or member,” explains one Reddit user.

Therefore, the word ‘stans’ refers to people who are big fans of a certain group or singer.

K-Pop fans: The ‘White Lives Matter’ movement

K-Pop stans took over the hashtag #whitelivesmatter after Dallas Police Department’s tweet to report about suspicious activity from the protests.

Within a few hours, fans flooded the app with pictures and videos of their favourite artists and groups, leading to the temporary closure of the app.

Following the music industry’s movement #blackouttuesday, the hashtags #whitelivesmatter and #whiteoutwednesday started appearing on social media.

However, K-pop fans immediately took over those hashtags and buried previous racist tweets.

Please note that some tweets below contain strong language.

How did social media react to the movement?

The massive K-Pop movement received a lot of support and praise from other social media users.

Many have voiced their approvals, saying how incredible it is that they managed to bury previous racist messages with the hashtag #whitelivesmatter.

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