Boris Johnson was rumoured to have been wearing an earpiece at PMQs on Wednesday. He wasn’t but Twitter’s reaction was hilarious.

Boris Johnson always likes to put on a show and PMQs had been the perfect opportunity to do that when facing Jeremy Corbyn.

In recent weeks, however, when stood opposite former QC lawyer Sir Keir Starmer, Boris has been put firmly on the back foot.

However, it wasn’t the forensic questioning from the Labour leader or the unconvincing answers from the Prime Minister that caught the eye on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Instead, allegations began to emerge on social media that the Prime Minister had been wearing an earpiece to the weekly grilling.

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Boris Johnson is alleged to have worn an earpiece to PMQs

That’s right, after not-so-flattering images emerged of the Prime Minister’s ears during PMQs, a number of commentators claimed that Boris Johnson had been wearing an earpiece.

The allegations stem from images of the Prime Minister showing his concha, the inner part of his ear, looking particularly dark.

He wasn’t wearing an earpiece

Unsurprisingly, Downing Street quickly quashed the allegations with a source telling the Daily Mail that “the Prime Minister was not wearing an earpiece.”

On top of that, other images have emerged from Wednesday’s PMQs showing Johnson’s ear looking a little less dark, proving that there was no earpiece.

Twitter’s best reactions

While the Prime Minister may not have been wearing an earpiece to PMQs, the reaction to the story on social media has thrown up a number of humorous takes.

After being accused of breaking lockdown rules last week, Dominic Cummings has found himself a new hiding spot from the press.

Comedian David Baddiel had his say on eargate.

Even some MPs have reacted to the earpiece rumour.

Either way, it does look as if the earpiece story was just a rumour cooked up on social media, perhaps the Prime Minister’s dark inner ear can be attributed to having nothing between said ears.

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