YouTuber Zoe Amira has created a new way to help fund the Black Lives Matter movement.

The death of George Floyd last week has led to a global movement to stop systematic racism and unfair targeting of black communities.

People across the world, first in the US and recently in European cities such as London and Amsterdam, have organised protests to demand justice and equality for black people.

And social media star Zoe Amira has come up with a new way to help earn money to Black Lives Matter for those who can’t donate.

Photo by Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Zoe Amira’s YouTube video

Zoe has launched an hour-long video project to raise money for those who can’t protest or have the income to support the global movement.

The video features art, singing and poetry from black artists. Zoe’s aim is to celebrate the work of black creators and financially contribute to the network of Black Lives Matter.

Zoe has explained that 100% of the income generated from the video’s ad revenues will fund organisations that offer bail financial support, pay for victims’ funerals and advocacy.

How can you help by watching the video?

To help monetise money for the video, you need to make sure that your ad-blocker is disabled temporarily.

Zoe has asked to keep the ads running, repeat the video and share with your friends and family to fund the project.

In addition, you will find useful links to petitions under Zoe’s video where you can support the Black Lives Matter movement.

How else can you help?

Several other YouTubers have followed in Zoe’s footsteps and launched similar videos to raise money for Black Lives Matter.

Some of these are Francesca Grace, Stephanie Soo and touchdalight.

You will also find links under their videos to online sources and petitions to help further and educate yourself on the topic.

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