Having a big following online definitely comes with its benefits, but it also has its downfalls – as the Ace Family know.

For some of the worlds biggest online stars, being cancelled by their fans is a common occurrence, as the struggle to retain a perfect image online and to not make mistakes is difficult.

The Ace Family have had it rough over the past few years, with fans wanting to cancel them for pretty much everything they do.

So here are just a few of the reasons why people want the Ace Family cancelled.

The Ace Family YouTube

Who are the Ace Family?

The Ace Family are YouTubers with over 18.5 million subscribers. The family consists of former Basketball star and dad Austin McBroom, Instagram Influencer and mum Catherine Paiz and their two daughters Elle and Alaia.

The word ‘Ace’ stands for Austin, Catherine and Elle, and Catherine is currently pregnant with their third child.

They are popular for their family vlog content.

Why is the Ace Family ‘cancelled’?

People on Twitter have been calling for the Ace Family to be cancelled for years, but what have they actually done?

It’s not really something specific, fans want the Ace Family to be cancelled due to a build up of lots of different things they’ve done over the years.

Austin’s birthday party

Most recently, fans are calling for the Ace Family to be cancelled over Austin’s birthday.

Last week it was dad Austin’s birthday, and they decided to have a huge celebration at their house. In their vlog, you can see a huge group of people all playing together on the grass and trampoline.

Fans have criticised the Ace Family for having a large gathering during a global pandemic. We are supposed to be trying to avoid large gatherings where possible, but the Ace Family are having a big party.

The penis-shaped lollipop

Back in January 2019, Austin was under fire after according to Buzzfeed, he apparently took a child into a sex shop and filmed her buying a penis shaped lollipop.

One Twitter user said: “The fact that the ACE family took a baby girl into a sex shop and bought her a penis lollipop … and y’all still supported them after that…..”

Many fans thought that the Ace Family should be cancelled after this incident.

Cole Carrigan’s FALSE allegations

On October 14th, 2019, beauty YouTuber Cole Carrigan created a video making false allegations about the Ace Family.

In the video titled ‘The truth about the Ace family’, Cole claimed that a friend of his called him in June saying that Austin McBroom had raped her in a hotel in Miami. The video has since been deleted and Carrigan admitted he had lied about the Ace Family and the video was completely false.

Austin also denied the claims on his Twitter account and added that the false video made him a victim of “extortion, defamation, and slander”.

The girl in question, Leslie Hannah Belle, also made a post confirming that “Austin McBroom is not to blame” and he “did not rape me or anyone”.

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