Valorant has fully launched as a free-to-play title and everyone’s progress from the beta has been reset meaning returning and new players can all start equal. With the full launch of the game’s first chapter Ignition, there is a Battle Pass fans purchase and here you’ll discover where you can buy it. However, you should be warned that some players are reporting that it’s not working for them.

Riot Games have added a new agent to Valorant for its full launch and her name is Reyna. She can be “near-useless” if you don’t get enough kills with her, but her abilities include using Soul Orbs to become near invincible and to fully heal herself.

While the game and its batch of characters are no doubt good, a lot of people want to know how to buy the Battle Pass whereas others are wondering why it’s not working.

Where to buy Valorant Battle Pass?

You buy the Valorant Battle Pass from the game’s interface but first you need 1,000 points:

  • Open the Valorant interface and select the V at the top right next to Store
  • Choose 1,000 game points which will cost $9.99
  • Select the Star icon in the top-left corner next to home to bring up the Battle Pass menu
  • Click the 1,000 Premium Upgrade option and then confirm the Unlock

This is all you need to know about where and how to buy the Battle Pass. As for what it provides, it allows you to unlock extra weapon skins, sprays, gun buddies, Radianite points, and more.

Valorant Battle Pass not working

Some players are reporting that the Valorant Battle Pass is not working.

It was reported yesterday that the Valorant Battle Pass was not working for some, but Riot Games claimed to have fixed the issue apart from for Asia-pacific regions.

A Reddit user yesterday posted a video which showed how items and rewards were still locked and unable to be equipped despite objectives being marked as completed.

In addition the clip, plenty of other players had claimed that Battle Pass rewards weren’t available after completing corresponding tiers.

Again, issues with the Battle Pass were said to have been resolved yesterday, but plenty are still complaining online that it’s not working.

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