The Epic Games store has been offering a bunch of great games lately for the cost of nothing including Grand Theft Auto 5 and Borderlands 3. However, in a surprising move, Creative Assessmbly is releasing Total War Saga Troy as an Epic Games store exclusive that will be entirely free for its first 24-hours on sale. Here you’ll discover the release date for Total War Troy so you can get and own it for free.

With Borderlands 3 being the current game available for the cost of nada, the next mystery freebie will be revealed tomorrow and we may already know what it is. According to a leak which correctly predicted both Civilization 6 and Borderlands 3, tomorrow’s mystery game could be Ark Survival Evolved.

While that’s exciting in its own right, Total War Saga Troy is even more anticipated as it’ll be an entirely new game available for free from the Epic Games store. However, in order to grab it for the price of nothing, you’ll need to download it within the first 24-hours after its release date.

How to get Total War Troy for free

You can get Total War Saga Troy for free by downloading it from the Epic Games store.

However, Total War Saga Troy will only be free on the Epic Games store for the first 24-hours after its release date.

You will of course need an account for the store platform in order to download the upcoming title when it launches.

As clarified by Creative Assembly, when you download the game for free you’ll also be able to keep it forever at no extra cost.

Creative Assembly have uploaded a blog post in which they claim that Troy will be the only Epic Games store exclusive they release.

They admit that not everyone will like the Epic Games exclusivity, but that it’s an opportunity for them to grow their audience.


What is the Total War Troy release date?

The release date for Total War Saga Troy is August 13th.

You’ll only be able to get Total War Saga Troy free from the Epic Games store within 24-hours after this release date.

There will obviously be plenty of people disappointed with the year-long exclusivity to Epic Games, but Creative Assembly have implored disgruntled fans to keep all criticism aimed at them as a whole studio as opposed to individuals.  

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