A new trend is popular on TikTok that sees people using Netflix to predict their future.

If you’ve ever wanted to go to a psychic or a fortune-teller to find out what will happen in your life then you no longer need to, because Netflix can do it for you!

Yes Netflix, the online TV streaming service can now predict your future, and everyone is giving it a go and posting their results to TikTok.

All you’ll need is a few numbers like your birthday and your age, and you can find out your future in a few simple steps.

Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

What is the Netflix predicts your future Tikok?

A new trend is going viral on TikTok which sees people using Netflix to predict their future.

It involves using numbers that correspond to your age and birthday to choose a movie or TV show on Netflix.

Then, whichever scene it takes you to is going to be your future!

How to predict your future with Netflix on TikTok

There’s lots of variations of how to make Netflix predict your future. Some involve using a random number generator, whilst others simply use your birthday.

Here’s a really simple one to try:

  • Think of the first letter of your first name, type it into the Netflix search bar and press search.
  • Then think of a your birthday, and count along to the movie or TV series that corresponds with that number.
  • Think of your age, and scroll through the TV show or movie until you get to that number.
  • Play that scene, and it will be predict your future!

Some of the responses are hilarious!

People have been taking to Twitter to reveal the scene that predicts their future.

Some of them are really funny, and others are actually pretty scary. Hopefully they don’t really come true!

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