On Tuesday (June 2nd), the internet became filled with black squares in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

#Blackouttuesday was a campaign set up to raise awareness of the movement, following the death of George Floyd after being restrained white police officer, Derek Chauvin, despite cries that he could not breathe.

Celebrities were quick to join in and show their support, Emma Watson being one of them, however some Twitter users began to criticise her for simply posting black squares and not sharing other information.

Others came to her defence, citing her ongoing activist work. Find out what happened below, and read what happened next.

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Why are people saying Emma Watson is cancelled?

Blackout Tuesday was an online campaign where artists, campaigns and celebrities filled their feeds with black squares, to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter.

The day was meant to amplify black voices and the organisers said that it was a “day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community” through “an urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change.”

Twitter users were quick to criticise Emma Watson, claiming that she posted three black squares in order to maintain her Instagram aesthetic. Others were angry that that was all she did, rather than share information on the matter.

One said:

“Emma Watson should’ve done more to educate her followers on BLM”.

Another wrote: “Emma Watson gets rightfully criticized, CRITICIZED (not cancelled) for the performative way she reacted to the current protests when she could’ve done so much more.”

Other Twitter users don’t think she should be cancelled

Plenty of other Twitter users tweeted out there support for Emma, claiming she has been an ally for years and has continued to use her platform to speak out for BLM.

One user tweeted: “Emma Watson has been speaking up about racism since 2015 but y’all want to cancel her because she posted 6 posts in order to amplify a movement.”

Another user said: “People trying to drag Emma Watson’s name through the mud when she’s been a supporter of the black community for years.”

Has Emma said anything since?

Emma has since posted a photo of a piece of art labelled “White lies, Sublteties, Micro- Agressions, and Other Choking Hazards” by Dr Fahamu Pecou, and captioned the photo with: “I was holding off posting until #blackouttuesday ended in the UK.”

Emma has used her Instagram and other socials to upload information about how to support the movement and also posted her own thoughts on the issue.

She wrote in a post:

“There is so much racism, both in our past and present, that is not acknowledged, nor accounted for. White supremacy is one of the systems of hierarchy and dominance, of exploitation and oppression, that is lightly stitched into society. As a white person, I have benefitted from this…”

Emma ended the post with: “I see your anger, sadness and pain. I cannot know what this feels like for you but it doesn’t mean I won’t try to.”

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