A screenshot supposedly from an episode of The Simpsons featuring Justice for George Floyd imagery is making its rounds on Twitter. Is it real or fake?

Who doesn’t love to kick back with a good cup of tea and laugh along with The Simpsons?

Matt Groening’s beloved animated sitcom is often regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, boasting a legacy dating back to 1989.

Since then, audiences have been flocking to Springfield for entertainment and escapism.

However, the programme has long held a reputation from fans for predicting historical or newsworthy events. For example, viewers have argued certain episodes predicted such things as the horsemeat scandal, autocorrect, smart-watches, Donald Trump becoming president and Disney acquiring 20th Century Fox.

There are those who actively seek out predictions in The Simpsons episodes. Indeed, while some are intriguing and hold some weight, a number of inauthentic examples have surfaced in recent memory….

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Simpsons Disney Takeover 1998 (20th Century Fox)

The Simpsons: Justice for George episode posts explained

Over on Twitter, users are sharing an image which they believe to be taken from an episode of The Simpsons predicting the death of George Floyd.

The imagery [see below tweet] shows Chief Wiggum standing on the neck of a man with Lisa close behind holding a sign reading: “Justice for George.”

We know what you’re thinking… surely that can’t be real?

Well, you’re right. It isn’t!

Those attesting to its authenticity claim that it’s taken from season 7 episode 18, ‘The Day the Violence Died’. However, this isn’t the case.

The image was actually created by a fan [see below tweet] and one way to tell is through the art style; it doesn’t actually resemble the animation once favoured by The Simpsons. It can be clearly distinguished from older episodes. Additionally, take a look at Chief Wiggum’s foot for a moment….

That’s right, you can’t. It isn’t there!

While that’s been debunked, it’s worth noting that a number of others argue that a certain episode predicted the riots currently escalating.

The Simpsons: Did they predict the riots?

To argue that The Simpsons predicted the riots happening right now simply because an episode featured riots is frankly absurd.

Nevertheless, a clip from the show in which Springfield residents riot and chaos erupts is being shared across social media.

Some are also pointing to The Simpsons Movie imagery [pictured above] in which Springfield residents form a mob.

Conspiracy theorists are surely going to delve deeper with this one.

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