Have you ever wondered where your soulmate is right now? Perhaps they’re on the other side of the world, or they could be right under your nose and you may not even know it.

If you’ve ever pondered any of those things then we have the filter for you. The Soulmate Radar filter tells you exactly where your soulmate is in this moment, or even what they’re doing.

Read on because we’ve given you a step by step guide on how this filter works and how you can find it.

What is the Soulmate Filter on Instagram?

The filter is called the “Soulmate Radar” and tells you where your soulmate is right now.

There are various different answers such as: “walking in the wrong direction” and “666 miles away.”

Some are more hopeful, suggesting that your soulmate is “under your nose” or even “right behind you”.

While the filter may not be accurate, there are lots of potential outcomes you could get given, so why not give the filter a whirl?

How to find the Where is Your Soulmate Instagram Filter

  • Open Instagram and go onto Stories
  • Click on your face to activate filters
  • Scroll through the filters to the end and click on the icon labelled “Browse Effects”
  • Scroll through the filters until you see the one called “Soulmate Radar”
  • Select the filter and click “Try it now”
  • Hit record and find out where your soulmate is

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