An old challenge has resurfaced and is making its way round social media, and this one’s actually really interesting.

The challenge involves using an eye-tracking software to track where your eyes look on a computer screen. Then, you challenge yourself to not look at a certain part – which is impossible!

It all started on YouTube, with PewDiePie doing the challenge over two years ago and many other YouTubers following suit, and now the trend is moving onto TikTok.

So what exactly is the Eye Tracker Challenge and how do you do it?

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

What is the Eye Tracker Challenge?

The Eye Tracker Challenge involves downloading a software called Tobii Eye Tracker, or any other screen eye-tracking software you can find. The programme will track exactly where you are looking at a computer screen.

Then, you have to watch a video and try not to look at a certain part of the screen. The tracker will then show if you have or haven’t looked at that particular area.

People are filming themselves doing the challenge and uploading it to TikTok and YouTube!

What kinds of videos should you watch?

To do the challenge, all you have to do is try to refrain from looking at a certain thing, so you can use any type of video you like really.

But a lot of the Eye Tracker Challenge videos on TikTok follow the trend of using a video or photo of a naked or revealing woman and trying not to look at a certain area of their body.

PewDiePie did the Eye Tracker Challenge two years ago!

It seems like PewDiePie was one of the first to do the challenge, uploading a video to his 105 million subscriber YouTube challenge two years ago titled: ‘Testing out Eyetracking.”

In the video, he downloads the software and searches different types of content and videos online to test out the eye tracker.

He proves the theory that it’s actually pretty much impossible to not look at a certain thing!

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