The Trump bunker meme is making the rounds on social media with the “bunker boy” hashtag gaining prevalence. What does it mean?

In this day and age, people manage to turn just about anything into a meme.

In 2020, we have already seen a wealth of meme trends, from the likes of Grimes and Elon Musk’s baby name to Tiger King.

Memes are often harmless ways to have a good laugh. However, sometimes they’re used to mock and ridicule people to confront them; some make them in order to help hold people accountable through humour.

At the moment, humour is something harder to maintain, considering the severity of everything going on in the world right now, from protesting against police brutality to COVID-19.

Nevertheless, people have found a way, taking aim at President Donald Trump’s actions during the recent protests.

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Trump bunker meme explained

As highlighted by Snopes, Secret Service agents escorted Donald Trump into a White House bunker on Friday, May 29th 2020.

This was a result of hundreds of protesters congregating outside of the location.

The bunker is said to be designed for emergencies in the vein of terrorist attacks etc. This claim comes from a Republican who has given his account on the condition of anonymity.

Little is known about the specifics, with White House spokesman Judd Deere expressing: “The White House does not comment on security protocols and decisions.”

On the other hand, some sources say that the president spent an hour in the bunker while the protests went on outside of the residence, with officers and so forth struggling to keep the situation under control.

As for the meaning behind the protests, they were sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Since then, protests and riots have been witnessed around the world, putting a significant strain on officials and authority to address the escalating divide and anger.

Since hearing of this, some have made memes about Trump hiding in a bunker.

Bunker boy meme

As you’d expect, most have posted their memes of Trump to Twitter and Instagram, with the #bunkerboy hashtag has gained prevalence to mock him.

Check out a selection below:

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