Sony has understandably delayed the PS5 reveal event that was scheduled to take place on June 4th.

Over on their official PlayStation Twitter account, Sony posted a message which reads “we do not feel that right now is a time for celebration and for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard”.

There’s no indication of when the event will now take place but Sony are right in that there are more important matters happening in the world.

Original story:

Compared to the Xbox Series X which revealed the look of its console back at the Game Awards 2019,  Sony loyalists know very little about the PlayStation 5. However, a lot of that could change very soon as Sony has announced a PS5 event for June 4th. Here you’ll discover what time the event is scheduled to commence as well as find out about all the latest speculation concerning the reveal of a new Silent Hill game.

Although we don’t know what the console itself looks like, Sony has shared the look of the DualSense controller as well as provided lots of details about the PlayStation 5 system’s hardware and capabilities. The company has also fully committed themselves to the next-generation by sharing that upcoming exclusives after The Last Of Us 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima will not be cross-gen.

With some people believing that all of the above information isn’t enough with the console scheduled to come out in the Holidays, it’s no wonder that so many are greatly anticipating the PS5 event that will be happening on June 4th. Below you’ll find what time this event is scheduled to start as well as speculation concerning a new Silent Hill game.

New Silent Hill game 2020

There is speculation that a new Silent Hill game will be revealed in 2020.

The speculation about a new Silent Hill game for 2020 started back in January when a Resident Evil leaker said there are two titles in development.

One of these is supposedly a soft-reboot of the series whereas the other is said to be in the vein of Until Dawn/Telltale.

In addition to the two titles supposedly existing, there is also speculation that the rumoured Silent Hill reboot will be a PS5 exclusive.

While we can’t confirm whether the above is accurate or not, the same leaker has now stated that it’s possible a game could be revealed during the PS5 event on June 4th.

Leaker AestheticGamer states that it should be June 4th as “the team is excited to reveal” and “it’s in a playable state”. They also cautiously advise that it could be revealed during August instead.

Although the above isn’t confirmed and should be taken with buckets of salt as opposed to a pinch, gamers have become excited about the possibility thanks to Silent Hill’s sudden re-emergence via Dead By Daylight.

We’ll just have to wait a couple of days to see if a new game is revealed or not, but the sudden Dead By Daylight announcement has gotten fans dangerously expecting something imminent.

What time is the PS5 June 4th event?

The PS5 June 4th event begins at the following times:

  • 13:00 PT
  • 16:00 ET
  • 21:00 BST

You’ll be able to watch the PS5 June 4th event live at the above times on either YouTube or Twitch.

As for what to expect, a PlayStation Blog post by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President and CEO, Jim Ryan, says it will last “a bit more than an hour”.

Ryan also says that fans will be given a “first look at the games you’ll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday”.

These games will apparently be from both larger and smaller, newer and more established developers across the globe.

With the emphasis clearly being on games it doesn’t appear as though the console itself will be shown off. It could happen, but just don’t bank on the curtain finally being pulled aside.

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