The start date for Fortnite Season 3 has been delayed again to June 11th with the formerly dubbed Doomsday event now scheduled for June 6th. While all of that is very exciting, fans have lately become extremely excited over the prospect of SpongeBob joining Fortnite for Season 3 thanks to a leaked icon which shows a flooded map as well as possibly the SpongeBob island.

Rumours of the Fortnite Season 3 map being flooded are nothing new as even back at the beginning of May there were rumours about the next season having an underwater theme. Not only that, but there’s also been reports of a potential Aquaman skin.

While none of this has been confirmed by Epic Games, a recently leaked icon does seem to suggest that the map will become flooded. In addition, it also possibly suggests that SpongeBob could be joining the Battle Royale experience.

Why is Fortnite Season 3 delayed?

Epic Games briefly explained that Fortnite Season 3 is delayed so they “can get everything ready“.

To provide them with a few extra days to get everything ready for the community, Fortnite Season 3 will now commence on June 11th instead of June 4th.

However, before the third season arrives, fans will be able to enjoy the fan-dubbed Doomsday event on June 6th. This is an occasion Epic Games have officially named The Device.

As for what The Device will involve, it’s believed by most to mark the transition from Season 2 into Season 3 with the Doomsday device blowing up.

Rumours have suggested this will result in the Season 2 map becoming flooded and this could potentially result in a crossover with everyone’s favourite yellow sponge.

Is the SpongeBob island in Fortnite Season 3?

A leaked icon for Fortnite Season 3 shows a flooded map as well as possibly the famous SpongeBob island.

The SpongeBob island can be seen in the cartoon show’s iconic intro before delving underneath the sea, and its supposed appearance in Epic Games’ leaked icon could mean that the yellow sponge will join the battlefield.

Obviously this isn’t confirmed and therefore shouldn’t be treated as official. With that being said, the crossover wouldn’t be too surprising as the underwater theme is the most appropriate setting Epic Games could have.

In addition, SpongeBob Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is scheduled to come out on June 23rd. It’s possible a Fortnite crossover could be used to promote the game which wouldn’t be anything new as Epic Games have promoted other games before such as Borderlands 3.

Either that, or the island’s similar appearance could just be a coincidence or nothing more than a cheeky wink.

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