It is heartwarming to see the solidarity people have online as communities come together in support of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign.

However, after a video has gone viral on social media, there has become controversy over who is being genuine and who is ‘fake’ with their attempts of activism.

New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz has called out an employee from The Washington Examiner, claiming she ‘staged’ an Instagram post – but what did she actually do?

Who is Fiona Moriarty?

Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin is a reporter and employee at the Washington Examiner, a political news website and weekly magazine based in Washington DC.

After the claims made about her, she put all of her social media accounts onto private and they have now been deleted.

Taylor Lorenz calls out Fiona after video goes viral

Taylor Lorenz, technology reporter at the New York Times has called out Fiona after a video was posted online.

She tweeted: “@factswithfiona stopped someone boarding up a store in Santa Monica so she could hold the drill for a picture, then drove away. The video is now all over influencer tea accts. She’s since gone private but said nothing.”

Lorenz claims that Fiona has ‘staged’ a photo of her holding a drill for her Instagram.

She claims that Fiona is the woman in the video concealing her face, as she stops to help a worker who is boarding up windows following #BlackLivesMatter riots in Santa Monica, California last night (Monday, 1st June).

The woman poses holding a drill whilst a man takes her photo. Then says “thank you so much” and gets back into her car.

Pink weighs-in on the video

Lots of people on Twitter have joined Taylor in calling out Fiona. Some have even tweeted the DC Examiner about Fiona’s behaviour.

Twitter user @KirstenAllison tweeted:

“Meanwhile Fiona Moriarty McLaughlin @factswithfiona stages a fake photo-op pretending to help cleanup after protests in Santa Monica. This is despicable. @dcexaminer how do you feel about your ‘reporter’ creating fake news. I wonder what other stories she’s lied about.”

Even pop singer Pink has voiced her opinion on the video, saying: “What is wrong with these entitled assholes?!” She also calls Fiona a “horrible person” and asks “how can anyone defend this???!!!”

Fiona is yet to respond to the viral video herself.

LeBron James makes a comment

American Basketball star LeBron James responded to the video on Twitter.

All he wrote was a series of angry emoji’s followed by some facepalm emoji’s, certainly expressing his disapproval.

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