A number of people on Twitter are denouncing her but why is B. Simone “cancelled”? Let’s take a look into the recent controversy.

In recent years we’ve witnessed many flock to Twitter in efforts to cancel celebrities which have done or said things found offensive etc.

Some cancellations have been successful, whereas others have been intensely argued on social media with little to no results. For a celebrity to be legitimately cancelled, it must be something rather serious.

Indeed, only time can tell whether they’re actually cancelled or not.

Lately, Twitter has seen the likes of Joji and Jimmy Fallon called up to be cancelled for varying reasons; while some fans have stopped supporting them, they’re hardly cancelled.

Now, the latest celebrity to be called out as cancelled is singer, actress, comedian and internet personality, B. Simone.

So, why is B. Simone “cancelled”?

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Why is B. Simone “cancelled”?

Recently, the tragic death of George Floyd has led to widespread protests and riots, orchestrated by those seeking justice.

Since the startling news shook the world, a number of celebrities and influencers have used their platform to honour the man and offer words of anger and solidarity in the face of uncertainty.

Most have highlighted the Black Lives Matter movement, yet on the other hand, B. Simone’s fans couldn’t help but notice she had remained silent through all of this.

Responding to fans, Meaww notes that she later expressed on Twitter:

“I’m not living to please man. I’m here to please God at the end of the day… I am a CHRISTIAN! I’m God fearing, I have to answer to him! I’m going to ask myself WWJD not what an angry black woman do! I am angry but i am also trying to be Godly.”

Since then, many have declared that she is cancelled.

She has responded

In the wake of many arguing that she’s cancelled, B Simone has taken to Twitter to post her thoughts on the situation [see below tweet]:

“I’ll never be ‘cancelled’. I’m doing my part! Period. I don’t need Twitter’s validation . A damn app … plz.”

A number of Twitter users have replied in opposition, with one of the comments reading: “But… didn’t you get famous from the internet? The internet giveth and taketh.”

B. Simone on Twitter

Her recent posts have been displaying active engagement with what is going on.

She recently posted about bringing change to the community, with another tweet expressing:

“I’m proud of everyone that’s doing SOMETHING towards the greater good! Let’s not complain about what we THINK people should do but focus on the person in the mirror! Change starts with YOU.”

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