We’ve seen some great TV so far this year but when does Macgyver return in the UK in 2020? Let’s take a look.

Watching more TV this year?

Most of us are! Over the course of the lockdown, a range of great shows both old and new have helped keep us busy and entertained.

Sometimes you just need a good bit of escapism… and yes, MacGyver rarely disappoints in that department.

Developed by Peter M. Lenkov, we have enjoyed watching Lucas Till reprise the role of undercover agent Angus “Mac” MacGyver since 2016 now, ramping up the thrills with every season.

The exciting reboot also takes place in the same shared universe as Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I; you often hear it being referred to as the Lenkov-verse.

Here in the UK, we’re looking forward to diving back into it with MacGyver season 4. So, when can we expect it?

still from “MacGyver”, 101st Street Entertainment et al.

Sky: When does MacGyver return in the UK? 2020 premiere date?

It’s currently uncertain when MacGyver will return to UK.

The fourth season is made up of 13 episodes in total and began premiering in the United States back in February 2020, finally concluding in May.

MacGyver season 5, anyone?

Although UK audiences are yet to see what all the fuss is about with season 4, it’s always worth looking ahead and considering the fate of the shows you watch.

Can we expect a fifth season?

The answer is a resounding yes!

As highlighted by The Cinemaholic, season 5 has already been given the go-ahead. However, it turns out that season 4 was originally supposed to be far lengthier.

In fact, the fourth batch of episodes was made up of 19 to begin with but the COVID-19 pandemic meant that production was forced to a standstill, leaving later episodes unfinished.

Acting fast, the team worked to sculpt episode 13 – ‘Save + The + Dam + World’ – into a satisfying season finale.

With this in mind, we anticipate that they’ll incorporate the remaining narrative into season 5, meaning we already have a story in place to kickstart things once the lockdown measures are significantly revised.

Lucas Till talks season 4

In an interview with Carter Matt, Lucas Till spoke out about what to expect from season 4:

“…you’re going to see a lot of emotional toll this season. We have this one amazing, funny episode that is right before things get super-serious. We have a really big bad guy this season and we’re a little more serialized… it’s something that people are going to want to pay attention to over time instead of missing one and not having to worry about it. You’re going to want to stick around and see what happens.”

Needless to say, fans will have no probelem with that!

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