Prime Video audiences have flocked to see it so let’s get The Vast of Night ending explained. Was the UFO real or all in their heads?

Set in 1950s Cayuga, New Mexico, we’re introduced to a narrative centred upon the basketball match of Everett and Fay’s local team.

He is a radio host commentating while she is a switchboard operator.

All seems to be running smoothly until Fay notices a strange sound coming through and we hear the report of a woman claiming to have seen a strange object in the sky.

She alerts Everett and he used his platform to ask anyone with information to come forward. Indeed, somebody does; he claims to be ex-military and says the ominous sound was once captured during a secret operation.

We learn that tapes documenting it exist and Fay manages to acquire them, leading to Everett playing them over the radio. As a result, the lights go out and a caller – Mabel Blanche – invites the pair over…

still from “The Vast of Night”, GED Cinema

Prime Video: The Vast of Night ending

The woman opens up to them and reveals that her son used to say unknown words when he was younger and disappeared at the age of nine.

What’s strange is this: she says his footsteps stopped completely after 150 yards. Could he have been abducted by aliens? Are aliens the cause of the sound?

Addressing the present, Mabel argues her case that aliens visit small towns like theirs only when there are large numbers of people gathered together, to go undetected.

Shaken and confused, they leave the house contemplating what they’ve just heard. However, upon finding burnt trees in the woods, they witness a UFO and we’re informed that the basketball game has ended and the radio station is empty; fay’s recorder has fallen to the floor.

The Vast of Night ending explained

So, the question boils down to this: what was the deal with the UFO?

One could argue that the sight of this object was in their heads, but it’s much more likely that it was real.

Before they see the UFO, they listen to the tape of Mabel reciting the words her son had uttered ahead of his disappearance.

This causes them to fall unconscious and they snap out of it when the tape ceases. Then, when they see the UFO, something similar happens again, hence the recorder on the floor. It’s already been proven that the aliens can pierce their minds and this seems to be what they did again after they spotted the UFO.

It’s heavily suggested that the words we’ve heard are the key to their mind control abilities. However, the reasoning for their doing so is left ambiguous.

Taking all of this into account, it appears that they’ve been abducted and the trees are a sign that the UFO wasn’t imagined; a physical trace of their activity and presence.

still from “The Vast of Night”, GED Cinema

Audiences are impressed

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