Black Lives Matter protests in the US continue to escalate following the death of George Floyd and now the online activist group, Anonymous, has reemerged.

The year 2020 will almost certainly be remembered as one of the most harrowing and horrifying in recent memory.

We began the year with the threat of WWIII looking like a genuine possibility after tensions flared up between the US and Iran.

That was quickly followed up by the Australian bushfires that ravaged the country and its wildlife.

The biggest shock to humanity so far this year has been the devastating COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed over 372,000 lives.

And now, the United States, the self-professed ‘Land of the Free,’ looks more and more like a warzone with each day that passes as ongoing protests over the death of George Floyd continue to escalate.

The furious reaction has been so potent that even the ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous have weighed in on the matter.

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Anonymous Message To The Minneapolis Police Department

So it begins …

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 28 May 2020

Anonymous returns to support #BlackLivesMatter protests

Anonymous is a group of online ‘hacktivists’ that formed in the early 2000s.

The group, famed for the use of Guy Fawkes masks akin to those seen in V for Vendetta, gained a notorious reputation during the mid-2010s when they were responsible for the hacking of numerous webpages and the uncovering of information in relation to, among others, the KKK, the Charlie Hebdo shootings in 2015 and several police shootings in the US.

On May 28th, 2020, after several years of relative inactivity, Anonymous remerged online in the wake of the death of George Floyd to supposedly seek justice for the alleged murder and to aid in the protest movements that have been quickly springing up across the US.

They’ve taken down the Minneapolis Police Department’s website

Anonymous’s signature form of attack is to take down webpages belonging to an organisation.

Unsurprisingly, after the announcement that they were targeting the Minneapolis Police Department after the death of George Floyd and a supposed string of similar incidents, the website for the Minneapolis PD and its parent site, the City of Minneapolis website, have become inaccessible.

According to Variety, the webpages have been down since Saturday, May 30th and as of Monday, June 1st, the sites are still inaccessible.

Protests in the US look set to continue

The reaction to George Floyd’s death has been overwhelming.

The protests began in Minneapolis on May 26th and have spread across the US and the outrage has been international, especially as videos of clashes with police continue to emerge online.

Despite an aggressive approach from police officers and a curfew being put in place in many cities, it doesn’t look like the protests will be stopping any time soon.

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