The Netflix series boasts legions of fans, but is Lucifer cancelled? Let’s take a look at the crew’s plans beyond the incoming fifth season.

Many of us have witnessed our favourite series’ come and go. It can be a bittersweet experience watching the best ones depart, but it’s always a small tragedy when they’re cancelled ahead of expectations.

This has been the case for a number of shows, but is Lucifer one of them?

Developed by Tom Kapinos, the series is based on the DC Comics character from Neil Gaiman and arrived on screens back in 2016.

Initially, audiences were rather divided by the show’s often strange approach to the bold material. However, the general consensus argues that it has improved in quality with every season.

The fourth was considered by the majority of fans to be the best one yet and hopes are even higher for the fifth season set to hit Netflix down the line; unfortunately, there is no release date yet.

Let’s take a moment to look even further ahead…

still from ‘Lucifer’, Vertigo (DC Entertainment) et al.

Netflix: Is Lucifer cancelled?

Last year, It was confirmed that the series would be returning for a fifth and final season, which is yet to surface.

However, in February 2020 there was significant talk of the cast and crew banding together once again to craft a sixth season, according to the Express. The source includes that it hadn’t officially been given the go-ahead, but talks were underway.

Executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson expressed that they’d “like to do another season,” but would have to strike a new deal.

Since then there have been reports that the plug has been pulled on season 6.

Yet, Deadline recently reported that Tom Ellis has finalised a deal to return for new episodes.

They also note that the sixth season has now been sold as the series’ conclusion, with the surrounding cast also set to reprise their roles.

Despite no official renewal news yet, it’s looking incredibly likely.

Lucifer: Season 6 is far away

Of course, fans are still waiting for season 5 of the beloved show, and actually, Deadline writes that the crew was reportedly mere days away from wrapping production before shooting shut down in March.

So, we’ll first have to wait for season 5 to finish production before work on season 6 becomes a reality; they initially hoped to commence production in September.

As of yet, it’s uncertain as to when that might be, with the pandemic still proving an issue across a wealth of industries.

still from ‘Lucifer’, Vertigo (DC Entertainment) et al.

Fans want more Lucifer

A number of admirers have already taken to Twitter to offer their hope and excitement for season 6.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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