After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, people have been taking to the internet to share their own thoughts and support.

Social media has been filled with memes, photos, tweets and posts in response to the unlawful killing of the 46-year-old African American man that has led to extreme riots in the state of Minnesota.

One hashtag that everyone has been using is #BlackLivesMatter, becoming a worldwide campaign to bring attention to the racism that is still received by black people today.

And last night, users claim that social media platform TikTok seemed to have mysteriously banned the hashtag from its site altogether, leaving users shocked.

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TikTok users claim the app banned the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag

On May 29, TikTok users became very confused as lots of people claimed that the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag had disappeared from the site, many believing it had been banned.

When they tried to type in the hashtag, or any other relating to George Floyd, the app would show that the hashtag had zero views despite hundreds of thousands of people using it.

Did TikTok actually ban #BlackLivesMatter?

TikTok responded to a Tweet by @revengedja that claimed the hashtags had zero views and said:

“We are aware of an issue that is impacting the hashtag view counts displayed at the upload stage. This appears to affect words at random, including terms like #cat and #hello. Our team is investigating and working quickly to address the issue.”

So TikTok argued that it was simply an error that they were working to fix, and suggest that they didn’t block the hashtags on purpose as users were claiming.

People on Twitter still think TikTok banned the hasthtag

Even though TikTok came out and made the public Twitter apology, people still aren’t believing it.

TikTok says that the error affects random words like “cat” and “hello”. But people are arguing that #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd are far from “random” words, and must have been blocked on purpose.

One Twitter user wrote: “You’re telling me all these words/phrases were blocked by “random” like “cat” and “hello” ?? This is not a coincidence…”

Many still think that TikTok banned the hashtags, but have now allowed them again due to the uproar on social media.

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