The death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd has dominated social media since the news of his death broke on Monday, May 25th.

From the horrific original footage taped by witnesses to shots of the ongoing protests and riots, these images have dominated Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as the fight for justice continues.

Condemnations of the Minneapolis Police Department – and, in effect, the brutality and injustice they represent of not just police departments in America, but around the world – have poured out online.

One particular phrase has been used repeatedly, even trending on Twitter: F**k 12.

So, what does ‘f**k 12’ mean?

Photo by Pierre Herman on Unsplash

What does ‘f**k 12’ mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘f**k 12’ means ‘f**k the police’. This is the most commonly used definition and the one most used across social media over the past week.

Other definitions state that the ’12’ specifically mean the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Narcotics Unit.

Many have stated that the slang originated in Atlanta, Georgia or Oakland, California. This cannot be confirmed, but the slang has been used as the title of a song by Atlanta hip hop group Migos. In the Migos song, ‘F**k 12’, it features the lyrics “Throw that sh*t, throw that sh*t, 12 outside.” The lyrics mean throw away the drugs because police officers or the DEA officers are outside.

Some have stated that the 12 could refer to a jury.

Adam-12 meaning

The term ’12’ in reference to a police officer was first used in a 1960s TV show called Adam-12. The show followed the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) as they went about their day-to-day duties.

F**k 12 takes over Twitter

Shortly after news broke of the death of George Floyd, hashtags using the term ‘f**k 12’, along with 1312 and ACAB popped up on Twitter.

As you might’ve already assumed from the slang term, there’s strong language included in the tweets below.

Where does ‘f**k 12’ come from?

F**k 12 is a derivative term of ‘1312’, which in turn is derived from ACAB.

All three terms have been used repeatedly over the past week to express outrage at the US police force.

ACAB is an acronym for ‘all cops are b*stards’. It has also been used by anti-fascist groups and has sometimes had the meaning ‘all capitalists are b*stards’.

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