The PlayStation 4 recently received update 7.51 and this has resulted in large amounts of Sony loyalists being confronted with error NP-37602-8. This error has made it impossible for some players to sign into their YouTube account on the PS4 app, which is understandably annoying when you want to watch videos directly recommended for you as opposed to all the rubbish that is targeted for the general public.

There’s a lot for Sony loyalists to be excited about during the next month as The Last Of Us Part 2 finally comes out and there’s a PS5 reveal supposedly happening in early June.

However, while all of that to come is undoubtedly exciting, a lot of PS4 gamers are currently pulling their hair out over not being able to sign into their YouTube account on the app thanks to error NP-37602-8.

How to fix PS4 error NP-37602-8

There is no widely available fix for PS4 error NP-37602-8.

PS4 players will just have to wait for Sony to fix error NP-37602-8 as it appears to be a problem on their end as opposed to YouTube and everyone else.

Dozens of people have been complaining about the issue over on Twitter so take very minimal comfort in knowing you’re not only the one.

Can’t sign into YouTube app on PS4

Error NP-37602-8 is making it impossible for Sony loyalists to sign into their YouTube account on the PS4 app.

Not being able to sign into your YouTube account on the PS4 app is obviously annoying, but you should still be able to log in on mobile and PC devices.

This is the only workaround at this moment in the time as the issue needs to be resolved by Sony rather than yourself.

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