Although PewDiePie deleted his Twitter account awhile back, he was recently all over the social media space a couple of days ago thanks to a shredded picture posted to Instagram by his wife Marzia. This shredded image resulted in fans wanting to know his biceps and abs workout routine so they can do it as well, and thankfully the Swedish YouTube star has shared his routine and methods. Here you’ll discover how to do the workout as well what cheap equipment you can buy and other YouTubers you can follow to expand upon Pewd’s advice.

PewDiePie has been a controversial figure on YouTube over the years for some and he has explained some of his heated acts as him being “pretty irresponsible” in the past. However, he has lately been one of the more honest and straightforward celebrities on the mega platform and this has helped continue his popularity despite him no longer being the horror video game squealer he was before.

His transformation is shown by him acting a lot wiser and more mature, but his transformation is also now embodied by his ripped body. And here you’ll discover how to do his workout routine for abs and biceps with even cheap equipment.

PewDiePie five day dumbbell workout routine

PewDiePie has shared his five day dumbbell workout routine for abs, biceps, and more.

According to PewDiePie, his five day dumbbell workout routine for abs, biceps, and more begins on Monday with him focusing heavily on his chest and finishing on his shoulders.

Tuesday is a leg day where he does squats, dead-lifts, and lunges, meanwhile Wednesday is reserved for pull exercises.

Thursday is another leg day whereas Friday is a mix of both push and pull exercises.

Although the YouTuber didn’t show himself performing any of the exercises, he did share a diagram of the moves he consistently performs.

Of course, anyone will tell you that to build muscle and to burn fat you need to do a lot more than just lift weights.

PewDiePie himself admitted this by stating that he is now eating a greater amount of protein. Not only that, but he has also largely quit alcohol with the exception of social gatherings.

PewDiePie workout equipment to buy

You can buy workout equipment used by PewDiePie to follow his five day dumbbell workout routine.

His DTX Fitness Folding Weight Bench is currently unavailable on Amazon, but you can find other just as good benches for as cheap as £109.99.

PewDiePie says he uses a PowerBlock Sports Series Interchangeable Dumbbell that goes up to 90 pounds, and you can buy one of these from the Powerblock website.

If you really want to hone in on your abs, a machine you could buy is a wonder core for just £89.99. This is a great piece of equipment which allows you to do multiple ab exercises as well as even arms.  

You could also instead buy an adjustable Power Tower for the same price. This is an extremely effective tool as it allows you to do ab exercises as well pull ones.

As for weights, you can do PewDiePie’s pull and lift five day dumbbell workout routine with dumbbells or his Power Blocks, but you may wish to invest in a barbell with a set of weight plates.

This is because it helps you become stronger and lift heavier thanks to both your arms sharing and lifting the load.

For squats and other leg exercises you may want to buy some resistance bands for extra tension.

Lastly, PewDiePie also states that he uses Wrist Wraps to help prevent injury when lifting and these can be bought for as cheap as £9.

Other YouTubers to watch

If you’re interested in changing your figure like PewDiePie there are other YouTubers you can watch for workout routines.

Athlean X is particularly good as he shares routines that can be done at home as well as in the gym, with expensive equipment or with just DIY resources such as a towel.

WWE wrestler Sheamus is also good as he showcases a wide variety of different workout routines from heavy lifting to crossfit. And yes, a lot of his can be performed at home too.

If you want to burn body fat, then you’ll also be interested in performing HIIT exercises as these burn more calories than lifting weights.

YouTubers/figures who are helpful in this area include Joe Wicks as well as crossfit’s Lauren Fisher who has her own virtual fitness classes.

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