The Fortnite Doomsday event has been officially named The Device by Epic Games and it has also been delayed from May 30th to June 6th.

Epic Games’ news post states that the formerly named Doomsday event is a one-time-only affair in Fortnite and that players should arrive 30-minutes early. This is to help secure a spot as space is limited.

Aside from the officially named The Device event being delayed to June 6th, the beginning of Season 3 has also been postponed until June 11th.

Original story:

Fortnite is currently in downtime as fans wait for update v12.61. However, while this update may bring about some promising changes for fans, the excitement will truly be felt at the end of the week when the Doomsday event finally happens. If you’re completely lost as to what this will involve, here you’ll find an explanation for what Doomsday is as well as an explanation of the countdown timer.

Season 2 of Fortnite was initially planned to culminate at the end of April, but it was delayed awhile back with its conclusion now happening on June 4th. There were obviously some people disappointed about its delay, but Epic Games haven’t been cheap with a lack of content as the Battle Royale community have been blessed with concerts and Party Royale shenanigans.

However, while all of the above has been fun, fans soon started to notice the slow construction of an ominous device behind the scenes. And this device will result in some sort of Doomsday event that has now been initiated through a countdown timer.

What is the countdown in Fortnite for?

The countdown timer in Fortnite is used for telling fans when the Doomsday event is going to occur.

A countdown timer was previously leaked by spedicey1, but it can now actually be seen in the lobby of Fortnite.

It suggests that the Doomsday event will happen on May 30th at the following times:

  • 11:05 PT
  • 14:05 ET
  • 19:05 BST

What is Doomsday in Fortnite?

Doomsday in Fortnite is an upcoming event named by fans.

Epic Games haven’t announced the countdown timer’s conclusion as the Doomsday event, but Fortnite fans have dubbed it as such based on the ‘Doomsday device’ that has been constructed.

As for what will happen when the timer reaches zero, no one officially knows but there are rumours that parts of the season 2 map will be flooded.

These rumours come in addition to previous hints found at the beginning of May which suggested that season three would have an underwater theme.

Leaker iFireMonkey has found event cues that possibly hint at this happening, and recently Hypex has tweeted about previously leaked skin codenames, SharkWomen and Underwater (male and female).

In addition to all of the above, Reddit user Koooooomar has recently posted about map changes underneath the Agency.

These changes have resulted in the Reddit user believing that the “water fountain/pool in the middle will 100% be involved in the upcoming event”.

All of the above are leaks, educated speculation, and guesses as opposed to anything concrete, so don’t treat it as gospel. Just be glad that we don’t have a very long wait left to find out what’s actually happening prior to the launch of season three.

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