Dorohedoro is completely bonkers and extremely addicting, but fans are confused as to the true identity of one particular character, Kaiman.

There are some brilliant anime shows available on Netflix and the genres latest addition, Dorohedoro is no exception.

The show is an adaption of the original Manga series by Q Hayashida and produced by the MAPPA animation studio.

As The Cinemaholic expertly puts it: “Dorohedoro is absolute chaos but you once you’re hooked on to it, there’s no turning back.”

Dorohedoro tells the story of Kaiman, a man with a reptile head who works together with his friend Nikaido to recover his memories and survive in a strange sorcerer-filled world.

However, fans are curious as to what the relationship between Kaiman and Nikaido is and who the lizard-man’s true identity is.

Dorohedoro: Kaiman and Nikaido

The relationship that Kaiman has with Nikaido is rather confusing. They first met when Nikaido brought the recently-experimented on Kaiman to the magic ward in the hospital.

The two share jokes, jibes and concerns over each other’s safety throughout the season, but always refer to each other as friends.

On the other hand, there may be a connection between the two that suggests there may be more to their relationship. In episode 5, Nikaido is talking with the devil known as Asu, he asks her whether she is helping Kaiman is because she was in love with him.

In response to this question, Nikaido goes bright red in the face and tells herself: “That was embarrassing.” The possible feelings that she has towards Kaiman are never discussed again in the series – could something happen in season 2?

Although in the season finale, the two then share an intimate final moment together where they both pinky-promise to remain friends no matter what happens. This suggests that the relationship will remain purely platonic.

Dorohedoro: Kaimans true identity

At the time of writing, with the Dorohedoro OVA just over the horizon, we don’t know Kaimans true identity.

What we do know is that Kaiman is a human from The Hole and that his cursed lizard-head was a result of experimental magic from an unknown sorcerer.

We also know that his name is something similar to Kaiman after he says: “Funny, sounds like it’s made for me. Maybe its close to my old name” when Nikaido first suggests the new name.

SPOILER ALERT: As Dorohedoro is an adaptation of the original manga and the series only covered the first few volumes of the canon material – we do actually know who Kaiman is. However, if you are fans of the anime and do not want season 2 ruined, don’t do too much digging into his past.

Dorohedoro: Voice actors for Kaiman

In the original Japanese version of Dorohedoro Kaiman is voiced by Wataru Takagi, whereas he is voiced by Aleks Le in the English dubbing.

Wataru Takagi is a well-known Japanese actor and voice actor who has starred in a variety of anime series, video games and television dramas.

Takagi has notably voiced the Joker in Batman Ninja (2018), Okuyasu Nijimura in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable (2016), Hammerhead in One Punch Man (2015) and Knuckle Bine in Hunter x Hunter (2011).

He has also featured in popular video games including Resident Evil 3 (2020), Bayonetta (2014), Street Fighter X Tekken (2012), Sonic the Hedgehog (2010) and Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King (2004).

Aleks Le is a well-known voice who has featured in a variety of popular video games and television shows.

His notable work includes roles in Doom Eternal (2020), Scissor Seven (2020), Demon Slayer (2019), Ne Zha (2019), The Division 2 (2019) and Fallout 76 (2018).

Season 1 of Dorohedoro is available right now on Netflix.

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