McMillions arrived on UK TV screens on May 27th and viewers have been left with a series of burning questions, including where is Michael Hoover now?

The true-crime documentary genre has soared in popularity in recent years and has seen programmes like Making a Murderer and Tiger King gain global popularity.

So, when you take a true-crime story and blend it with fast-food giant McDonald’s, you’re bound to have a surefire hit on your hands.

Enter McMillions, a documentary from American network HBO that has now arrived on TV here in the UK.

McMillions on Sky Documentaries

After making its debut in the States in February 2020, McMillions arrived on the new Sky Documentaries channel on May 27th.

The docuseries tells the story of the McDonald’s Monopoly scam that defrauded a reported $24 million from the fast-food chain.

We follow a number of individuals throughout the series with one of the most notable figure being Michael Hoover, one of the ‘winners’ of the elaborate scheme that saw the FBI uncover a group of 51 people who conspired to cheat the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

HBO | Sky Documentaries

Who is Michael Hoover?

Michael Hoover was one of the key individuals in the scam and was arguably the key to the FBI discovering just how far-reaching the plot was.

Hoover was the last person to win the $1 million Monopoly prize but his financial history, which included filing for bankruptcy, and the story of how he found the winning ticket in a magazine, prompted suspicions among investigators and it wasn’t long before the FBI looked into the matter.

Michael Hoover’s phones were tapped due to the far-fetched story and, as a result, the FBI uncovered that a total of 51 people who were involved in the scheme which involved recruiters who acquired the winning tickets and then gave them to unsuspecting people who agreed to share half of the million-dollar winnings.

HBO | Sky Documentaries

Where is Michael Hoover now?

On August 22nd, 2001, Hoover and eight others were arrested for their actions and were reportedly charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, a crime which could have resulted in a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

According to Distractify, it is unclear what happened to Michael Hoover in the court cases surrounding the Monopoly scam as they began on September 10th, 2001, the day before 9/11 and coverage at the time was obviously on the infamous terror attack.

While Hoover was named in the indictment for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, it’s not known whether he was convicted and sentenced for the alleged crime.

However, as he was not one of the schemes so-called recruiters, it is possible that he may have received probation and been ordered to pay back his winnings.

What we do know is that Michael Hoover is now 75 years old and reportedly lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

McMillions is airing weekly on Wedneday evenings on the new Sky Documentaries channel while the series is also available on the Now TV streaming service.

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