The latest installment has arrived, so here’s what order to watch The Purge movies in. When is The Forever Purge set?

Horror fans are no stranger to a good marathon.

Whether it’s Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street, it’s always great fun to grab some snacks, drinks and sit in front of the telly for a night of scares.

When deciding on a horror franchise to hunker down with, it’s perhaps a little too easy to go with a classic. However, there are some particularly satisfying modern benchmarks which make for binge-worthy viewing too.

Arguably, one of the best of the last decade or so is The Purge, which began in 2013 and has now had three sequels and a TV series.

The most recent film instalment – The Forever Purge – is now in cinemas and has encouraged some to go back through previous entries; sadly, they’re all on there apart from The Purge: Election Year, which is available elsewhere.

Here’s the best way to approach them…

still from “The First Purge”, Blumhouse Productions et al.

Here’s what order to watch The Purge movies in

If you’re looking to marathon The Purge movies, it’s worth asking yourself which order you want to watch them in.

Naturally, we’ve watched them according to release dates in the past. Alternatively, we now have the chance to change the viewing order to create a more satisfying and chronological experience.

If you want to experience a linear chain of events, here’s the viewing order for you:

  • The First Purge (2018) dir. Gerard McMurray
  • The Purge (2013) dir. James DeMonaco
  • The Purge: Anarchy (2014) dir. James DeMonaco
  • The Purge: Election Year (2016) dir. James DeMonaco
  • The Forever Purge (2021) dir. James DeMonaco

Of course, this excludes the TV series.

When are the movies set?

As highlighted by ScreenRant, The First Purge shows us where it all began and is set in March 2017, taking place on Staten Island.

The government then decides that it’s time to take the night nationwide and this becomes the case in 2018.

The 2013 film – The Purge – then presents audiences with a family’s ordeal which took place on the night of the fifth annual purge in 2022.

Moving on, The Purge: Anarchy takes place a year later and we learn that the night is being used to mask assassinations orchestrated by the NFFA (New Founding fathers of America).

The Purge: Election Year picks things up in 2040 and centres on the 25th purge. So, in all, the series ambitiously spans numerous decades, comparing and contrasting the night of death over time. Then we have The Forever Purge.

The Forever Purge – Official Trailer [HD]

The Forever Purge – Official Trailer [HD]

Which film is the best?

Personally, we’d argue that the first of the series – The Purge – remains the most enjoyable and actually benefits from the strong sense of isolation conveyed by the family’s entrapment in their home.

However, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at the films’ IMDb audience scores to see which instalment is generally the best received.

The Purge: Anarchy holds the highest score with an admirable 6.4 while The Purge: Election Year isn’t far behind with a 6.0, the same as The Forever Purge.

In the next place, we have The Purge at 5.7 and then The First Purge in last with 5.2.

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