He was known to be many things but was Jeffrey Epstein a navy seal? A photo making the rounds at the moment is raising eyebrows.

This year we’ve seen some truly terrific documentaries make their way to our screens, with the likes of Crip Camp, The Last Dance, Tiger King and McMillions striking a particular chord with audiences.

The latest to attract attention is Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich over on Netflix.

This four-part mini-series focuses its lens on the American financier and convicted sex offender who died in his prison cell at the age of 66 in August 2019.

It was ruled a suicide, although his lawyers have since been vocal about the cause of death.

The documentary gives viewers access to interviews with those giving a first-hand account of their experiences with Epstein and how his power meant that he was able to evade repercussions.

A number of allegations come to light throughout the episodes and perhaps more people are looking into the man’s life than ever. As a result, an unexpected question has emerged…

Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Jeffrey Epstein navy seal photo

A photo has recently resurfaced on social media of Jeffrey Epstein dressed in a navy seal uniform.

The image shows him posing at Windsor Castle… and yes, that is Harvey Weinstein next to him.

His attire suggests the rank of a navy commander and is worn only for formal occasions. As you’d imagine, it should only be worn by a navy seal.

This has encouraged many to ask whether Epstein was, indeed, a navy seal.

So, was he?

Was Jeffrey Epstein a navy seal?

No, Jeffrey Epstein was not a navy seal.

As highlighted by Distractify, the picture was taken at a costume ball for Princess Beatrice of York’s 18th Birthday party back in 2006.

The event took place in Windsor Castle and, actually, it was noted that Epstein was arrested under child prostitution allegations just eight days after the picture was taken.

He was not posing as a navy seal, but rather, simply wearing a costume for one night only, with a BBC article explaining that “the theme of the evening was 1888 with guests wearing a variety of period costumes.”

This is where many have raised their eyebrows even further.

Considering it was 1888 themed, the costume doesn’t make sense, considering the Navy SEALs were not founded formally until 1962. Admittedly, roots can be traced back further, but not as far back as 1888.

In other news, is Clap for Carers happening tonight?