The ‘No Bra’ challenge has gained popularity among many TikTok users – but do we need this trend?

If you’re new to TikTok, chances are that you don’t know much about filters, dance challenges and and viral trends on the app.

The site is massive among the millenial generation, but let’s be honest, even parents, celebrities and whole households have signed up to create content and share videos with others.

New challenges emerge on TikTok like every day, while some old ones tend to resurface back when there’s more interest in them and they start trending again.

The ‘No Bra’ challenge is doing its rounds on TikTok which is a trend many are not particularly fond of.

What is the ‘No Bra’ challenge?

The name of the challenge says it – it’s a trend on TikTok where someone doesn’t wear a bra while they perform a dance routine.

The challenge comes under the hashtags #braoffchallenge or #brachallenge and users have created plenty of variations from other dance challenges. The difference is that they don’t have a bra!

While some have claimed they do the challenge about female empowerment and sisterhood, we believe that there are other ways to raise awareness about such important topics.

Is there another ‘No Bra’ challenge?

Actually, there was a similar challenge to this one called the #BraTossChallenge.

YouTuber and presenter Lilly Singh kicked off the viral trend on International Women’s Day on March 8th in 2017 as a way to appreciate strong and powerful women.

Lilly created the trend to raise awareness that every woman is beautiful, strong and powerful in their own way, challenging other celebrities to ‘toss’ their bras and take part.

This trend received some controversy from her followers as some were confused how tossing your bra would uplift women, while others appreciated it and said Lilly’s trend symbolised freedom and empowerment.

Twitter reacts to the ‘No Bra’ challenge

Twitter users are not fond of the ‘No Bra’ challenge either.

Many have voiced their opinions, saying that the trend is a way for many to become famous and get the likes on TikTok.

Others have called for users to stop objectifying and showing their bodies for the sake of followers and fame.

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