TikTok loves a challenge, and anyone who is a regular knows that every week something new is sweeping its way through the app.

The newest challenge is the ‘Back Profile Challenge’ and while thousands have participated in the seemingly pointless challenge, several people have pointed out the damaging effects challenges like this can have on young girls.

Here is everything you need to know about the challenge and our opinion.

What is the Back Profile Challenge? 

Similar to the Side Profile Challenge, the Back Profile Challenge is simply a challenge where users film their back to see what they look like from behind. 

The videos are set to the song ‘Don’t’ by Bryson Tiller and see mostly young girls film themselves turning around for people to see their back profile. 

The challenge is pretty simple as the entire premise is just turning around, but some people have spoken out about the impact these challenges have on people’s self-esteem, as the majority of the TikToks end with the girls criticizing their back profile.

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Why are people criticizing this challenge?

TikTok user Umbersaiyan made a video that has now gathered over 1.2 million views and has been posted on several large meme accounts on Instagram too. In the video, she acts as if she is filming a ‘back profile check’ video before pausing and saying “absolutely the f***k not”. She continues:

“I will not contribute to the way this app consistently tells young girls that there is something wrong with them, whether it’s their nose profile, their jawline, their back profile.

I know that a lot of you post this innocently and unknowingly but I want you to consider the fact that a young girl that has your features, comes to your page and sees your videos and now thinks less of herself because you just called something she had never noticed before really ugly or unattractive’ she says and begs users to ‘please stop normalizing the hatred of our bodies.”

Users commented in agreement with one saying: “I never hated my hip dips until someone else pointed them out on themselves’ while another said ‘no lie I’ve literally become more insecure about my body from those types of videos.”

Actress Shay Mitchell commented the clapping emoji and thousands of others liked and shared the video to spread awareness of the toxic culture of body shaming that has been circulating on TikTok recently. 

Our opinion

While you may view these videos as innocent fun, there is a deeper layer to the self-deprecation of young girls on social media. Not only does it damage the self -esteem of other young girls watching on the app, but it contributes to the culture of self-hatred which is already rife among young women.

These challenges just add more and more things onto the list of insecurities many young girls may have.

These challenges are teaching people to be aware of, and care about things to do with their bodies which aren’t even important. While most people were probably not even aware of their back profile, now they have been told by TikTok videos that this is something that they should worry about.

Listen girls, you don’t need to worry about your god-damn back.

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