Sea of Thieves has got itself a swashbuckling new update in Lost Treasures but what is included in the new pirate-themed patch?

It’s always an exciting time when you turn on your Xbox and see that one of your favourite games is getting an update.

Quite often, it means that new content has been added and that some pesky bugs have been fixed.

On May 27th, that’s exactly what happened for Sea of Thieves players but what swashbuckling changes have been made as part of the 9GB update?

Sea of Thieves: Lost Treasures update

The update that arrived on May 27th is the latest in the ever-growing line Sea of Thieves monthly updates.

Entitled Lost Treasures, the update has added a raft of new content for players to enjoy including new questlines, ship and character designs as well as bug fixes and community events.

The main focus of the Lost Treasures update is the new take on the Tall Tales quests. These story-driven adventures can now be saved at certain checkpoints to make players’ lives that little bit easier.

Continuing the trend of making pirates’ lives easier is the new weapons chest on the Ferry of the Damned, which allows players to switch up their loadout before they respawn.

On top of that, new items have been added to the various stores in the game, from new pirate outfits and ship liveries to new collections in the pirate emporium and black market.


Upcoming events

As part of the Lost Treasures update, players now have a whole swathe of new events and quests to take part in.

Daily Bounties

These are a range of short challenges that reward players with gold and doubloons can include anything from unlocking vaults, wiping out skeleton enemies or even taking a drink in outpost taverns. New objectives will be added each day.

Increased rewards

At various points each week, certain quests and items will be boosted in value.

Each Friday between 7pm and 7am BST, stronghold rewards that you find in forts are getting a boost as part of the originally titled Fort Nights events.

Meanwhile, the Gold Rush events, which take place between 6pm and 7pm BST and 6pm and 7pm PDT will offer players greater rewards for loot that they cash in.

Time-limited events

At certain points over the next month, there are going to be a range of special one-off events that players won’t want to miss including Reaper’s Rewards, Blighted Bonus, Hunter’s Haul and more.

For more on these events, there are details in the video above.


General patch notes

On top of the new additions, a number of general patches, fixes and improvements have been made as part of this update.

Most noteworthy Improvements

  • Alliance Nameplates – When you form an Alliance with another crew, the allied crews’ nameplates will become purple to help identify those in your Alliance.
  • Rowboat Storage Interaction – The keybinds for interacting with the Rowboat Storage Chest have been changed to improve the interaction between sitting and accessing the chest. Interacting with the chest is now done using ‘R’ on keyboard and ‘Y’ on controller.
  • Mermaid Recovery – When swimming in open water, the distance at which your mermaid appears has been reduced, allowing you to return to your ship more quickly.
  • Animation Quality Graphics Setting – A new graphics setting has been added for PC, allowing players to adjust the character animation quality. On higher-spec machines, this will provide a smoother experience when multiple players are on-screen, though higher settings may impact CPU performance.
  • Default Settings for New Players – New players entering Sea of Thieves will now find that both ‘Crew Status Tags’ and ‘Sticky Radial Items’ settings are enabled by default, improving their initial onboarding experience. Existing players will not have their settings changed.

There are a host of other details as part of this update which can be checked out via the official Sea of Thieves website here.

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