After an incredibly dramatic cliff-hanger ending, fans of HBO’s latest original series Run are left wondering if and when the show could return in the future.

After seven episodes, HBO’s first season of Run has come to an end.

The dark comedy tells the story of Ruby, a woman who leaves her family to honour a pact with an ex-lover and travel across America.

The twists and turns of their relationship have had fans laughing, crying and shouting at the TV. However, now that the season is officially over, fans are eager to know if and when the series will return.

Run season 2: Renewal status

Whilst season 1 of Run appeared to set up a second season quite nicely, it looks like the show may come to an abrupt ending.

HBO has remained suspiciously quiet on the topic and eagle-eyed viewers have spotted something that could give the game away. In the official HBO schedule, the finale ‘Trick’ was classified as the “Series Finale”, rather than ‘Season Finale.

However, Vicky Jones, the creator of Run has revealed that she does want the show to be renewed for a second season.

Speaking to Deadline, Jones said: “Oh, no. It’s not been confirmed yet.”

Run season 2: Release date

With no confirmation as to whether the show will return for a second season, there is no information available as to when season 2 would be released.

If the show is renewed and we get confirmation within the next few months, fans expect a second season will drop mid-2021.

Run season 2: Possible storyline

The natural direction that the story could take after the cliff-hanger ending to season 1 would be following Billy as he attempts to escape the police.

Alternatively, there is always the chance that Ruby changes her mind in the last second and decides to follow Billy – forsaking her family in the process.

Either way, if there is a season 2 of Run, Jones already has ideas lined up and ready to go.

“We would love, love, love to keep going and keep running. I certainly have a thousand ideas.” – Vicky Jones.

Run is available right now from Sky On Demand and the HBO subscription service.

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