New episodes are here on Netflix but does Steven come back in Dynasty season 3? Fans wish for the return of James Mackay.

Reboots… they’re tricky territory aren’t they?

Over the years we’ve seen so many properties return with fresh faces and new ideas, only to fail all the same.

Of course, there are some examples of success, from the likes of the 21 Jump Street films with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum to the compelling and modern Planet of the Apes trilogy.

Over on the small screen, it’s a similar story, with one of the best examples of reboots gone well in recent years being Dynasty.

Richard and Esther Shapiro’s 1980s soap opera earned new life back in October 2017 and has now run for three exciting seasons.

On the other hand, people have argued that there’s a real issue with the latest…

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Netflix: Does Steven come back in Dynasty season 3?

No, Steven Carrington doesn’t come back in Dynasty season 3.

The fan-favourite is played by James Mackay but, unfortunately, the actor departed from the project half way through the second season.

Over on Instagram, he wrote:

“While Steven had a choice to leave, unfortunately I didn’t. There’s a lot of decisions involved in making television, and sometimes they just don’t go your way and you have to live with it. So for now, all love and on we go. Hope you all enjoy the show.”

Many expected that he’d be back for the third batch of episodes after the return of old characters was teased. Sadly, Steven wasn’t one of them.

Perhaps even more curious is his absence altogether; fans were surprised to hear no mention of him throughout the new episodes.

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What happened to Steven Carrington in Dynasty?

Casting our minds back, Steven’s distancing from the series began when he travelled to Paraguay for charity work.

There, he went missing but was later revealed to be in Paris. After his passport was stolen, he requested the aid of none other than Fallon Carrington (played by Elizabeth Gillies).

Fallon becomes convinced that Steven’s friend George may be made up – the result of a breakdown, perhaps? Well, not exactly!

We then learn that George is actually Adam Carrington, who is now an important part of the show. So, with this in mind, there was definitely potential for characters to meet with Steven in Paris or for him to return in season 3.

On the whole, it just seems like he’s been too easily forgotten by everyone but the fans.

The earlier Instagram post suggests he won’t be making a return in later seasons either; it’s likely his character’s death could be announced down the line to tie things up.

Audiences aren’t happy!

Steven’s significant absence from season 3 hasn’t exactly done very much to impress fans, some of which have expressed their disappointment on Twitter.

Audiences clearly want some resolution, or even one better, to bring him back as a permanent presence.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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