Despite all the headache-inducing bickering online about spoilers and supposed agendas, The Last Of Us Part 2 firmly remains one of the most anticipated games of 2020. This is because the original was a classic as well as because Naughty Dog have consistently been excellent for over a decade. If you cannot wait to play the game and are desperate to see more gameplay footage, here you’ll find The Last Of Us Part 2’s State Of Play start time so you can watch the broadcast live.

With Ellie in the driver’s seat as opposed to Joel this time around, there are some notable changes to combat that – theoretically – make The Last Of Us Part 2 more intense and realistic.  One of the more overt changes is that Ellie can crawl along the ground to hide in tall grass and underneath vehicles, and there’s also a dodge mechanic.

We’ve seen the aforementioned mechanics shown off in gameplay demos before, but fans will be able to see some fresh gameplay footage today by tuning in at the correct time to watch Naughty Dog’s State Of Play showing live.

What time does The Last Of Us Part 2 State Of Play start?

The Last Of Us Part 2 State Of Play broadcast starts at the following times:

  • 13:00 PT
  • 16:00 ET
  • 21:00 BST

Neil Druckmann will be on hand to walk viewers through the new gameplay and story details, and the showing is said to last roughly 20-minutes.

While some of the footage will seemingly include already seen content, there will be at least eight minutes of fresh gameplay.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

How to watch The Last Of Us Part 2 State Of Play live

You can watch The Last Of Us Part 2 State Of Play broadcast live on either YouTube or Twitch.

Much like last week’s Ghost Of Tsushima showing, you’ll be able to watch The Last Of Us Part 2 broadcast on PlayStation’s YouTube channel if you miss it live.

Naughty Dog’s sequel launches on June 19th and can be pre-ordered right now from the PSN store.

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