Ne Zha is one of the biggest animated films of all time and one particular character has caught the attention of viewers around the world, Ao Bing.

Ne Zha is a 2019 Chinese animated fantasy adventure film directed and written by Yang Yu (known as Jiaozi).

At the time of writing, Ne Zha is currently the highest-grossing animated film in China, the worldwide highest-grossing Non-US animated film and the second-highest-grossing non-English-language film of all time.

The film tells the story of Ne Zha, a child born from the ‘Demon Orb’ and his battle to find out who he is and what powers he holds.

NeZha is actually a well-known character in Chinese mythology and the story itself is roughly based on the classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods.

However, it is one particular character that has captured the attention of fans – the third son of Dragon King and adorable antagonist to Ne Zha, Ao Bing.

Ao Bing: Relationship with Ne Zha

The relationship between Ao Big and Ne Zha is complicated to say the least. From the events that brought each of them into the world, the two have had their stories intertwined and go from enemies to friends and back several times.

Ao Bing is defeated by the water demon that Ne Zha is eventually able to outsmart. Not wanting to betray his kind, but needing to silence any witnesses, Ao Bing buries the townspeople alive under a huge sheet of ice.

Then when Ne Zha returns to save the village, the two characters dual in an epic final showdown. Ne Zha defeats Ao Bing, but refuses to kill him – instead sparing him and calling him ‘friend’.

Just as Ne Zha is about to be destroyed, Ao Bing joins him by his side. The two sacrifice themselves in order to absorb the energy from the strike and are reduced to their spirit forms.

Ao Bing: Voice actor

In the 2019 original Mandarin-dubbed version of Ne Zha, Ao Bing is voiced by Han Mo.

Unfortunately, there is no information available as to who Han Mo is.

According to the Ne Zha IMDB page, this is Han Mo’s only notable role.

In the English dubbing of Ne Zha, Ao Bing is voiced by Aleks Le. Aleks has featured in a variety of video games and anime shows, including Dorohedoro (2020), Doom Eternal (2020), Scissor Seven (2020), Demon Slayer (2019).

Ao Bing: Spin-offs

As Ao Bing is a character from traditional Chinese mythology, there are endless possibilities for spin-off movies and television shows.

Canon material could either focus on the events of his life before the opening scene of the movie or it could follow Ao Bing into the spirit realm.

Alternatively, fans would not say no to an Ao Bing dragon spin-off.

Ne Zha is available right now on US Netflix.

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