Players are loving Minecraft Dungeons, but many are experiencing difficulties with dropping items they don’t want or need.

Minecraft Dungeons may have only been out for a few days, but players are already calling it a ‘family-friendly Diablo’.

The charm of Minecraft mixed with the addictiveness of ARPG games has made the title a massive success.

However, there are a few features that are confusing gamers, one of which is how to drop items.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for gamers who don’t want an item, but don’t want to see it scrapped for emeralds.

Minecraft Dungeons: Dropping items

At the time of writing, there is no way to drop items in Minecraft Dungeons.

When you pick up an item, whether it be artefacts, armour, gems or weapons that’s it, you can’t drop it from that point.

This is especially irritating for groups of players who are working their way through the story together.

You may want to trade weapons with one of your teammates or maybe you’ve got something they need. However, be aware that loot drops are individual for each player, so it’s not like you can steal from each other.

Minecraft Dungeons: Getting rid of items

Unfortunately, as there is no ‘Drop Item’ mechanic or item storage system, the only way to get rid of items that you don’t want is by salvaging it.

If you want to do this, open up the menu and hit the salvage (controls for each platform may vary) which will give you some emeralds in return.

Will ‘Item Drop’ be added to Minecraft Dungeons?

There is a possibility that a drop item mechanic will be added to Minecraft Dungeons in the future.

A DLC for the title has been confirmed with the game also being updated with bug fixes and new features in the coming weeks.

Minecraft Dungeons is available right now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 and PC.

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