This new Instagram Challenge will really expose you!

There’s a new set of challenges that everyone is doing on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok that make you reveal a lot of personal information about yourself.

There’s already been the Let’s Get To Know Your Wild Side Challenge, and the newest one is The Innocent Challenge, which follows the same format of answering a series of questions to determine just how innocent, or not so innocent you are. 

What is the Innocent Challenge?

The challenge is a series of fifteen questions that you have to answer to reveal how innocent you are.

It is similar to the popular game Never Have I Ever, where you are given a statement and have to reveal whether you have or have not done that thing.

What are the questions for the Innocent Challenge?

You could easily make up your own version of the Innocent Challenge and make it however easy or difficult you like. But here is the official list of fifteen questions to answer. 

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  1. Smoked or vaped

  2. Skipped school

  3. Snuck out of the house

  4. Failed a class

  5. Got detention

  6. Drank Alcohol

  7. Had a bf/gf

  8. Had sex

  9. Kissed someone

  10. Gotten high

  11. Been to a club

  12. Gotten a fake ID

  13. Got kicked out of class

  14. Cheated on a test

How to do the Instagram Innocent Challenge

  • Answer every question above with either a YES or NO, or an emoji such as a smiley face or sad face, or a thumbs up or thumbs down. 

  • Post your answers onto Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat but make sure you don’t write the questions. People will only know what you are answering if they know what the questions are. 

  • Tag your friends to do the same and send them the list of questions to answer.

There’s an Innocent Challenge on TikTok!

There’s also a very similar Innocent Challenge on TikTok. It involves putting ten fingers up, and then reading out a statement and putting a finger down if you have done that thing.

The more fingers you have down at the end the less innocent you are!

Why not try the Bold Challenge

There’s a new, shorter and naughtier version of the Innocent Challenge to try if you really want to expose your darkest secrets.

All you have to do is find someone on Twitter who has done the challenge, DM them an emoji and find out the questions for yourself!

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