Grand Theft Auto 6 is reportedly targeted for 2023 which means that the community will be playing the current version and its Online counterpart for a while longer. This isn’t terribly bad as there’s plenty of fun to still be had in the world of Los Santos, and here you’ll discover how to dance in a nightclub in GTA 5 Online so you can complete the Daily Objective.

There are plenty of doable tasks in GTA 5 Online every 24-hours with some of these ranging from participating in freemode challenges to playing tennis with a mate. Very few of them are hard to complete which can also be said about the task which requires you to step onto the dance floor.

However, if you’re a newcomer who is yet to become accustomed to everything on offer in the video game portrayal of Los Angeles, below you’ll discover how to complete the dance in a nightclub Daily Objective.

How to dance in a nightclub in GTA V Online

Follow the below steps to dance in a nightclub in GTA Online to complete the corresponding Daily Objective:

  • Enter a GTA Online session
  • Open the map and look for a record vinyl icon
  • Select the icon to create a waypoint and travel to the nightclub
  • Enter the nightclub and go down the required flight of stairs to find the dance floor
  • Step onto the dance floor and press the dance button which should appear on your screen

You can complete this Daily Objective without owning a nightclub, but it is easier to accomplish if you own one yourself.

This is because you can then just travel to your own nightclub instead of needing to rely on someone in your Online session being a nightclub boss.

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