The Storm The Agency challenges are now live in Fortnite after previously being leaked. With the Doomsday event and beginning of Season 3 both on the horizon, you should look to complete these tasks as quickly as possible. And, to help you out, here you’ll discover what safe houses are and where you can find three different ones so you can complete the corresponding objective which requires you to eliminate henchmen.

Epic Games delayed the end of Season 2 awhile back, but Season 3 is now quickly approaching as it’s planned to start early next month. However, before the Battle Royale’s next Season 3 finally begins, fans have an exciting Doomsday event to mark the end of May. And, judging by leaks and speculation, the upcoming apocalypse will be a memorable one.

Yet, while both Season 3 and Doomsday are occasions for fans to anticipate, Battle Royale participants should ensure that they complete the Storm The Agency challenges beforehand. One of these tasks requires you to eliminate a henchman at three unique locations, and here you’ll discover where and what safe houses are.

What are safe houses in Fortnite?

Safe houses in Fortnite served as the base for Shadow at the beginning of Season 2.

There are five safe houses to be found in Fortnite, and you need to travel to three different ones to complete the corresponding Storm The Agency challenge.

It is easy to miss them thanks to a lack of red flags and giant symbols, but the challenge is relatively easy once you know where to go.

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Where are safe houses in Fortnite?

You can find safe houses in Fortnite at the following locations:

  • Pleasant Park
  • East of Frenzy Farm
  • East of Craggy Cliffs
  • North of Holly Hedges
  • North of Misty Meadows on the larger island

You can also look at the map below for visual guidance on where they are marked.

Know that for Pleasant Park you need to find the secret entrance of a portable toilet to enter the safe house.

The same applies for Frenzy Farm where you’ll find the portable toilet inside a small brick building next to the petrol station.

How to eliminate henchmen at different safe houses

You complete the eliminate henchmen at different safe houses challenge in Fortnite by travelling to three different buildings.

The three different safe houses we recommend you eliminate henchmen at are the ones by Misty Meadows, Holly Hedges, and Frenzy Farm.

Once you find the location, you should then be able to find the Shadow figure you need to kill relatively quick.

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